Inner Wheel District 326

International Inner Wheel President Congratulating Our District

Mrs T. Chiranjeevi
District Chairman

World Record : Largest Inner Wheel Logo
By Millits

This year 2023 was declared as International year of Millets by United Nations. To Celebrate the International Year of Millets 2023, Inner Wheel Club of Berhampur District 326 Odisha, India organized a World Record Program under the leadership of District Chairman Mrs. Chiranjeevi Tayi and created the largest logo of the International Inner Wheel measuring 15 Feet x 15 Feet, it means 225 square feet, using 2,100 kgs. of seven variety of millets (grain seeds) and set a New World Record on 19th April 2023 at Berhampur, Odisha, India. The main motto of this project is Branding of Inner Wheel and awareness of benefits of Millets and distribution of Millets to Needy people. The brain behind this project is District Chairman Mrs. T. Chiranjeevi. The Logo was designed by Mrs. Chiranjeevi Tayi, Gouri Patro, Saka Sirisha, J. Sudha Rani, P. Divya Rupa and 20 members team in One Day and Millets were donated to needy people in 50 Villages .Mr. Pavaan Solanki president of World Records India was the special Invitee. MP Chandrasekhar Sahoo, Mayor Mrs. Sanghamitra Dalai, Chief Medical Health Officer, attended as guest of honours.
Member of Parliament MR. CHANDRASEKHAR SAHOO attended as a guest of honour and stated that in upcoming parliament session he will convey about this event of Largest International Inner Wheel Logo which was made by Millets which was done by Inner Wheel Club of Berhampur has set a World Record.
Chief Medical Officer : He appreciated the awareness programme of the Millets with innovative branding of Inner Wheel.
Mayor Mrs Sanghamitra Dalai : She appreciated this world record and also for the distribution of Millets, a service to the needy people in 50 villages.
INTERNATIONAL INNER WHEEL MEMBERS AND PUBLIC FEEDBACKS : Everyone appreciated for the unique idea of branding of Inner Wheel and also for skilful teamwork of arranging the Millets.
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International Social Project 2021-24

IIW Social Project 2021-24: Commences with the theme.. Stronger Women Stronger World. It’s major focus throws light on the strength of Women, ever women should step forward with qualities and make our world a better place to thrive in. Here’s a beautiful quote laid forward by me in relation to our theme… A strong women is both soft and powerful, she’s both practical and spiritual… she’s the one whoe feels deeply and loves fiercely, her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. This kind of women is her essence is a gift to the world.

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