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MESSAGE OF DISTRICT CHAIRMAN 2019-20 : Mrs. Jagruti Doshi

Mrs. Jagruti Doshi

My dear friends

Warm Greetings to all of you

It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude for having chosen me to lead our beautiful District and to convey my greetings to each one of you through the same message our organization is known for -"Friendship and Services".

Our wheel of Dharma & Karma related to a path of fresh beginnings and pray that it may carry each of us with loving eyes and an understanding heart to perpetuate peace and progress.

Yet another Inner Wheel year has gone by on winged feet and we find ourselves once again gazing at the down of a New session.

However, this is not like the closing of a door and the opening of another. For as we all know there is a continuity in Inner Wheel. Past leaders prepare those follow. Each year is built upon past successes like a relay race. Each year the baton of leadership is passed on to a successor and every new leader gives her best to achieve greater for the community as a whole.

First, we must all believe the ethos of Inner Wheel is the energy and dedication and that we must lend generously to help others achieve success in our mission. Let us never be too involved with ourselves and our own needs. As the value of selflessness in us empowered us all as a community. The material wealth and physical comforts that we enjoy, tend to make us forget our less fortunate sisters and brothern who are in need of a friendly smile, a kind words or a generous heart.

"Let us measured our life not by the length of the years lived but by the quantity of work done by the quantity of love shown to others".

God bestows on us plenty of opportunities to take up and be of a little help to the society that we live in. It is upon to make it a reality. Moreover, we are not taking this path alone, rather work as a team, as TOGETHER WE CAN! By working together we can exceed in what is expected from us and I am sure we will leave no stone unturned and will not rest while pursuing the path of "True Services" for the benefit of the community. Friends! working together works wonder. The wheel that rotates relentlessly keeps the rotation only to move further, further in the field of services to mankind, to all the creations of the Almighty in the universe.

How are we going to achieve our goals?

Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible. Always be pragmatic in your approach. Suddenly you are doing the impossible. Sharp people sharpen one another, just as iron sharpens iron. Be in the company of sharp people if you want to be a sharp thinker. Remember each one of you is a Brand Ambassador of Inner Wheel do what you can with what you have. Make the best of your time.

Do good, be good, feel good!

Love Inner Wheel, Live Inner Wheel, Enjoy Inner Wheel.

Mrs. Jagruti Doshi
District Chairman 2019-20
Inner Wheel District - 326

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