The Club ISO shall perform the following duties :
- First of all prepare your Bio data (your hometown, date of joining Inner Wheel, hobbies etc.). Some historical importance of your hometown, geographical conditions, how to reach, nearby tourist destination, handicrafts, local industries and send it to other District ISO’s, or clubs within the country and abroad.
- Float competitions of interest thus bringing members of the District closer and try to declare the results at the time of Conference or other District events so that members get importance and are recognized. It gives strength and confidence to the members.
- Keep in touch with District International Service Organizer who will arrange to get Indian and Foreign Link Clubs for the Club.
- The ISO must Correspond with Link Clubs at home and attend promptly to all letters received from other Clubs and Districts in India.
- Correspond with Link Clubs abroad and attend promptly to all letters received from them.
- Exchange National Festival Greetings with the Foreign and Indian Link Clubs.
- Send, if possible, a gift of handicraft or any other item of typical Indian workmanship to Link Clubs in foreign countries.
- Send copies of Club souvenirs and Bulletins to Indian and Foreign Link Clubs.
- Provide detail of Club Meetings, address etc., of Foreign Clubs, which Member of your club are likely visit.
- Co-ordinate your work with the District International Service Organizer and keep an active interest in the international affairs.
- Arrange at least two or three Club Programmers in the year to which you invite students and visitors from abroad to speak on their local customs, culture and ways of life etc.
- Make proper arrangements to welcome and extend hospitality to Members of the Inner Wheel Club, visiting your Club/Town from abroad.
- Exchange Club banners with ISO’s of other Clubs.

Click here to download FORMATION OF NEW CLUB  :

Minimum 12 members are required to form a new Club. The formation of Inner Wheel Club Should not be made until at least 6 months after the Rotary Club has received its charter. Name of Inner Wheel Club must correspondence to that of the Rotary Club, but if Rotarians from more than one Rotary Club decide to form a new Inner Wheel Club then a suitable geographical name can be chosen, A resolution should be proposed and seconded saying that the meeting agrees to the formation of an Inner Wheel Club to be called ” The Inner Wheel Club of …..” This shall be inaugural Meeting.

How to apply for Charter :

It is mandatory for every District to follow the correct procedure, while forwarding a new Club’s Charter Application form.

1.  To begin with, the District Chairman has to request for a Charter Application Form from the National Representative / Association President.
2.  Forward the original Charter Application Form to your Extension Service.
3.  Please remember that this Application Form has to be neatly typed or legibly filled in Block Letters in English. The corresponding Rotary or Inner Wheel Club’s sponsorship letter bearing their registration for Charter Number must be attached without fail.
4.  Twelve (12) Members are mandatory to start a New Club. However it is recommended to have more than 18 members to keep a Club strong and flourishing.
5.  After the Charter Application Form is completed in all respects including all Charter Member’s Signatures, the Extension Service Chairman should ask the new Club President to get 10 copies and send them in the following manners: The Original Charter Form together with two Xerox Copies and the Corresponding Rotary or Inner Wheel Club’s letter should be sent to the District Chairman. One Xerox copy to be sent to the Extension Service Chairman.
The Club President maintains one copy of the Xeroxed Charter Application Form in the Club Presidents file.
The Club Secretary will forward 2 Xerox copies to the District Secretary for information and keep one Copy in the Club Secretary’s file.
The Club Treasurer will send 2 Xerox copies of the Charter Application Form along with the Demand Draft to the District Treasurer, and maintain one Xerox Copy in the Club Treasurer’s file.
6.  Please Inform the New Club Treasurer that when forwarding the Demand Draft to the District Treasurer, she must give full details in the letter, regarding Members remittances and also have to advise whether these are full or half yearly fees. Please guide the Club treasurer to draw out the Demand Draft in the District’s Name and not in the District Treasurer’s personal name and post it to the District Treasurer under Registered A.D.
7.  The District Chairman after verification in turn will forward THE ORIGINAL +1 copy to the National Representative / Association President along with the Rotary or I.W. sponsorship letter and keeps one copy for her file (Please ensure you send a Xerox copy).
8.  The District Secretary will retain 1 copy and will send one copy to the Association Secretary.
9.  The District Treasurer keeps a copy for her file and sends the other copy along with the Association Triennial and Capitation fees to the Association Treasurer.
10.  The Association Treasurer verified all information and confirms to the National Representative / Association President that the newly formed Club has paid all the dues.
11.  The National Representatives / Association President after his Verification and on receipt of confirmation from the Association Treasurer sends the duly completed Original Charter Application Form along with the Rotary or Inner Wheel Sponsorship letter to the IIW Headquarters and keeps one Xerox copy for her file.

All Charters are granted by International Inner Wheel and signed by the International Inner Wheel President, the Association President / National Representative and the District Chairman, if all the above formalities are strictly adhered and followed, one can expect to receive the new charter within 6 months or a little earlier. This year few charters were received within a short span of 30 days .

A word of caution: Please avoid any overwriting or erasing on the Original Charter Application Form, take a Xerox copy of the blank Original Form and start filling with details. After thorough checking that everything is written correctly, then complete the original form.

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