MESSAGE OF DISTRICT CHAIRMAN 2017-18 : Mrs. Jayshree Bhattacharyya

Mrs. Jayshree Bhattacharyya

Dear Inner Wheel Sisters,
I feel happy and honored to welcome you all in the Inner Wheel year 2017-18. With the new zeal to achieve your goals and take our District 326 to a new height, I congratulate you and wish you a brilliant success for your entire tenure.

With all my heart, I wish to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be appointed to the highest office of the District 326 as a District Chairman. I need your help to make Inner Wheel District 326 even stronger. Take the opportunity in teaching and learning. Learning is an art, which takes us ahead in our lives.

The Inner Wheel concentrates upon Friendship and personal Service. We all know that it is a recognized VOLUNTARY NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. Friendship in Inner Wheel has broken all man-made barriers and brought together women from all walks of life and all corners of the world under the banner of Inner Wheel. One of the greatest feature of Inner Wheel is the opportunity given to its members, the world all over to get to know one another, thus contributing to international Friendship and Understanding and serve the needy and underprivileged sections of the society.

The main reason why anyone should join Inner Wheel is that it provides an opportunity for self development and upliftment of the society through service. Having taken up the Inner Wheel responsibilities voluntarily; there is no room for complacency for us.

TAKE TIME TO SERVE, AS THE REAL HAPPINESS LIES IN SERVING OTHERS. It is a proud privilege to be a member of Inner Wheel and your identity as its member is shown by wearing the Inner Wheel Badge. They are to be worn by members at Inner Wheel Meetings, functions and projects and also while travelling abroad too. You never know when you will meet your friend of Inner Wheel and will enjoy her hospitality. Colour of Inner Wheel Badges should be uniform-Royal Blue and Gold for Clubs, Light Blue and Gold for Districts. I know Inner Wheel members can work a lot towards the publicity of Inner Wheel. Our theme for this year is very unique.

"LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY" A phrase that brings a lot of philosophy to my mind. Legacy meaning commitment that becomes a vision for future. You may be an outlaw, but you made it into everyone's heart, with a smile, a kiss and a hug. Hand is hand we step forward and leave behind today's footprints to make it tomorrow LEGACY.

Remember, make you mark through faith, hope and love, and that one word will change our society as well as your life.

With warm Inner Wheel regards,
Mrs. Jayshree Bhattacharya
District Chairman(2017-18)
District 326

I  Identity of Self   W  Work for Peace
N  Noble Cause   H  Heal
N  Networking   E  Enjoyment
E  Empowerment   E  Empathy
R  Responsibility   L  Leadership

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