Mrs. Kapila Gupta

Dear District Chairman

Greetings to you on being District Chairman for the year 2017-18, Your District has contributions put in by each PDC and at so many years to reach this level of great standing. So a great responsibility for you to come up to match that by promoting objectives of IW organization this year too. I wish each one of you a very happy new Inner Wheel year, a new year not only brings happiness but along with brings new hopes to fulfill our dreams, so approach new year with a resolve to find opportunities Hidden in each new day. A new year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Write a chapter to set new goals & how to achieve those goals. IIW Theme 2017-18 is Leave a Lasting Legacy--- for many, leaving a legacy is associated with the end rather than beginning or next phase. Your leadership is not defined or shaped at the end of the road but rather by the moments shared, the decisions made, actions taken, & even the mistakes overcome throughout many phases of your journey as a IW leader of your District.
International Inner Wheel would be celebrating 50th glorious year of its being formed as International Inner Wheel & I would be 50th International IW President, so in this golden Jubilee Year, pledge to work for a cause & not for applause,,do not strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.
Encourage members to register for IIW Convention 2018, Convention gives everyone a chance to make new Friends, meet old ones. It's a platform for listening to new ideas expressed by IW members, great workshops & entertainment.
If you want 2017 to be your year - Do Not sit on the couch & wait for it.
Go out. Make a change. Do new things. Throw away what you have been cluttering -be it negative thoughts or people. Be fierce, do not gossip. Do things that challenge you, learn empathy, Leave a Lasting Legacy of your work for community & promote IW.

All the best
Long live IW, Enjoy IW, Expand IW.
Dr. Kapila Gupta
IIW President 2017-18

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