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MESSAGE OF DISTRICT CHAIRMAN 2018-19 : Mrs. Krishna Mohanty

Mrs. Krishna Mohanty

My dear friends

Warm Greetings to all of you

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to another new Inner Wheel Year 2018-19 - A year full of renewed hopes, thoughts, possibilities, actions with a strengthened mission and vision to expand the horizons of friendship and render dedication service.

As the New Year dawns, a new leader with her team is announced in our Inner Wheel Organization at the International, Association, District and Club level. Each leader is a visionary with dynamism, zeal and enterprise. I congratulate all the leaders who are ready to take the baton and carry ahead the legacy of Inner Wheel in its true spirit. In the same vein I extend my good wishes for a brilliant year of commendable service and stupendous success.

I feel greatly honoured and privileged to be the 33rd District Chairman of this prestigious District 326. My heart goes out to each one of you in humble gratitude for reposing your faith in me and giving me this opportunity to hold the coveted position as the District Chairman. You all are my support system and I seek your good will to make our District much stronger and take it to greater heights.

Each one of us is unique in our own way with varied talents and noble thoughts. Moreover, we have the platform of the wonderful Organization - The Inner Wheel with the Objectives "to promote True friendship, Encourage the ideals of Personal Service and Foster International Understanding" to convert all your ideas, endeavours and resources into sublime actions to make this Blue Planet a Better Place to live. This would add a meaning to our lives as well.

The IIw theme for the year 2018-19 is 'Empower and Evolve'. This apparently simple phrase has a treasure of essence in it. When we the Women stand for us we can work miracles. It is truly fulfilling to empower thyself and empower others, help them unfold their wings, unlock their dreams, reach their goals, hold the keys of destiny carve it and evolve....take the flight of life in all its glory!!

Our leaders have given us a Mission and a Vision. Let us focus our attention on membership growth, extension, retension strategic planning, efficient training and involving members in the activities of the Club and District to spread the Wings of Inner Wheel ; concentrate on empowering women with better health and education, enhance literacy initiatives, improve skill development, provide a positive ambience by equipping people with literacy skills and quality education.

Let us work with dedication towards preserving our environment and give a Green Earth to our posterity. Let us join make an endeavour to make Bharat - Swach, Swasth, Sakshar and Saksham. Let our actions speak volumes about the value of Friendship and Service through our commitment and consistency. This would lead to the growth and branding of our beautiful Organisation.

Remember each one of you is a Brand Ambassador of Inner Wheel - do what you can with what you have. Every grain of effort has its own effect and can convert all your goals into memorable events and achievements. Let us do our bit to make an Impact to "Empower and Evolve" and 'make our Badge of Inner Wheel worthwhile'... and at the end of the day...say...'we have not lived in vain' !!!!

May God Bless us all !!!!

With regards, good wishes and love always

Mrs. Krishna Mohanty
District Chairman 2018-19
District 326

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