"Caring for women and children"


Smita Pingale

My dear friends in Inner Wheel,

Cheerful Greetings to one and all !!

The clock will strike 12 on the mid night of 30th June 2018, and the new teams at each Inner Wheel level will be borne! Joy of a new born and pains of labour, women need not be taught to take life head on!

Hearty congratulations to new teams. My sincere best wishes for a bright successful year ahead.

We, the women of Inner Wheel, leave behind comfort zones, and take a path of service to mankind.

Life is full of challenges. Our family is our first priority. There are demands on our time from all sides and yet we struggle to make a way & give time to Inner Wheel. It gives us strength.

Let us harness this strength now differently. Let us change the way we have been serving our charity social projects. Let us do joint projects with larger effect. Lets us be the path breakers.

We need to increase our strength. From 1955 to 2018 it has been a rewarding incredible journey.

We are 41000 strong members. Now we need to widen our horizons, enlarge our vistas and increase our membership. Each one of us should bring at least one new member and we will be simply double our strength without many efforts. I seek your promise to reach this goal collectively.

We need to bring new young members into the fold of our organization. We need to find out sources of this young population and how to make them our members. Start visits to colleges, ladies groups, kitty groups, working women;s groups and we can find members for us.

Collect funds for projects and join hands for joint projects. Be vigilant, Charity is done at the right place in a right way.

Literacy, swacchatta, environment protection, ban on plastic, proper garbage disposition, river cleaning, awareness of protecting nature, clean green India, India as beautiful as the advanced countries should be our common goal ! The difference between failure and success is the Team work! Let us be excellent Team players. Let us trust our limitless potentials. Let us build high self esteem. It will build Stronger Inner Wheel India!

I urge you to have faith in yourself, shed the fears, forget the tears, hold the hands of likeminded friends, search and use your optimum potential, be happy, be beautiful, be compassionate, be mad over your dream & you will find a new meaning to your life! May we all reach a destination of 100% literate, clean, green beautiful India! We are the ones who are going to make it. And we will make it.

Let us march together... the promising sun rise of new year is inviting us !

I wish you good health, happy hearts, cheerful thoughts, busy hands, pure hands....where God resides!

With Love & Regards,

Smita Pingale
President/National Representative
Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India


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