Mrs. Ina Purohit

The District Chairman Speaks...

My Dear Friends !
It’s a proud privilege and honor for me to serve as the District chairman of one of the vibrant Districts, Inner Wheel District 326 of Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to another new Inner Wheel Year 2020-21, A year full of new Hopes, new challenges, new thoughts, new possibilities and actions with dedication to expand the horizon of Friendship & Service. The will power should be kept intact. This year 2020-21 is a unique year, a year like never before, a year challenging the normal situation. But the Wheel does not stop. We will accept the situation, face the challenge and move ahead. Friends! Without rain nothing grows. Let’s Learn to embrace the storm and lead the change.
IIW Theme of this year, given by our IIW President Dr. Bina Vyas, “Lead The Change” is so appropriate to the current situation. It seems that it can be kept as a motto for all the leaders to lead. Whenever we want to see any change, we must always lead from the front. This year our IIW President has given some wonderful directives work upon. In her words we need to implement the recommendations of the UN to bring about changes in our community development programmes.
The word “HOPE” given by our Association President Vasudhaa Chandrachud reflecting her goals of the association is the mantra to plan & workout all our thoughts & dreams into action, because its HOPE that keeps our inner spirit alive & encouragesus to move ahead. Our major focus will be on all the aspects of HOPE.
Though we work in the present, we always plan for the future so that tomorrow is better than today. This is thought for my vision for the District project, “Udaan.. Ek Nayi Duniya ki ore”, which also covers a major part of our Association Goal HOPE. We must always aim for the highest so that we can reach some higher level. Some people are fortunate, but there are many who don’t have. They require facilities to reach the flight in life inspite of the talent. So, lets reach out to them by means of providing education, vocational training, health facilities and good environment., so that we can prepare a better world to live in. Let us reach out to them & lay the foundation so that they can take a flight towards a better safe world.
Friends! By delegating the work, it not only becomes easier, but also has better results. For a vast District like ours which is so widely spread, this year we have created 7 zones along with 7 zonal coordinators who will work as an effective link between clubs and District. There will be some suggested zonal Projects too. It’s my vision and wish that on the first Day of every month, all the clubs of IWD 326, do one same project, to lead the change in our society. These will be Projects related to our Association Goals, IIW Goals and social project. Please plan and do it. When we do it in so many places together, we will feel the unity & impact of our projects will be more. Such projects will be given to you in my circulars.
The motto of Inner Wheel is Friendship & Service. Along with the humanitarian activities, we also organize events to expand the friendship as well as bring about the needed changes in the working. The much awaited IIW Convention 2020-21 is knocking at the door, more significantly because India is going to host it for the first time. India is known for good hospitality. So, now the time has come to prove it by participating in the mega event & make it successful.
The strength of any organization depends on its Membership. Both internal & external Growth as well as Retention is vital. In addition to it, Branding of Inner Wheel is highly essential so that our organization reaches greater heights. We have to focus on these two aspects too.
Despite the adverse situation due to the pandemic Covid 19, the Wheel has to move on. So, Let us join hands to take steps to move ahead keeping the objectives of Inner Wheel in mind and bring the changes we want to see in the world and prove that where there is a will, there is a way.

If we can dream... we can do it.
Thank You
Ina Purohit
District Chairman, 2020-21

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