MESSAGE OF DISTRICT CHAIRMAN 2020-21 : Mrs. Manisha Shrivastava

Mrs. Manisha Shrivastava

The District Chairman Speaks...

My Dear Friends !
Sincere Greetings of Hope to all!
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to another new Inner Wheel year 2021-22 and I am honoured and grateful to be given the mandate to be the 37th District Chairman of one of the most versatile districts of Inner Wheel India.
We all know that the world is facing unprecedented times. As we tread cautiously in to our new Inner Wheel term, I invite all of you to progress and flourish as we still have goals and dreams that we need to fulfill. Even though physical meetings and doing big scale projects might be difficult, let's remember that not everything achievable needs our physical presence in it. Sometimes, all it takes is the willingness to be a part of it! This will be a year of renewed actions, possibilities, changes, mission, vision, horizons of hope, togetherness and strengthened joys.
As the New Year starts, a new head with her new team is announced in the Inner Wheel organization at International, Association, District & Club Level. Each leader visions best for its association. The vision is filled with enthusiasm, energy and power for future goals.
I congratulate all the leaders who are ready to take the responsibility and carry ahead the heritage of Inner Wheel in its own spirit. I also extend my warm wishes for a commendable year of service and achievements. Life is full of challenges, our family is our first priority. There are demands on our time from all sides and yet we struggle to make a way and give time to Inner Wheel because this gives us an opportunity to contribute in nation building.
Inner Wheel walks proudly besides all other service clubs in serving the community. Inner Wheel and its members truly support each other in everything that matters to women, our families health, the rights of the children, education, equality, ageing, environment and moreover our community.
And when women work together as members of Inner Wheel, their friendships and bond benefits. Each one of us is unique in our own way with different talents and thought process. I have deep faith in Inner Wheel ideals of friendship and service.
I believe that collectively women can shape a better tomorrow.
I believe, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have left their foot prints...”
All of us can apply this in our lives and work together confidently for the betterment and success of our club. All members have a vision & mission. Let us focus our attention on membership growth, extending hands, strategic efforts, efficient training and involving members to work for the problems of our country that citizens are facing. The year 2020 has brought tremendous changes in lifestyle. Most of the population lost their job and source of income due to Covid-19. There were times of scarcity of food and resources for the needy. I want everyone to focus on these major issues, better health facilities, education, financial aid, improved skill development, taking initiatives, providing positive ambience by bringing people together.
We have now seen an era of virtual communication in all fields of life because of this pandemic. Let us work for helping, enhancing and enriching our lives too through this world of web and I hope we come out of this pandemic more bravely and confidently. I want all of us to work to bridge the gap between individual gain, self-esteem, respond to threats to the community, benefit from each other’s skill and knowledge, increase credibility of the organization, competencies and get fresh ideas and enthusiasm.
I feel that today’s youth is the future of the country so it is important to have a skilled youth who can shoulder the responsibilities of the country confidently. With this vision,I have decided to work with the underprivileged Youth and skill them to bring them to the main stream as District Project.
Meanwhile, stay safe, accept the new normal and be in peace with it all! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.

Manisha Shrivastava District Chairman 2021-22

Thank You
Manisha Shrivastava
District Chairman, 2021-22

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