VISION OF DISTRICT CHAIRMAN 2020-21 : Mrs. Ina Purohit

Mrs. Ina Purohit

Our District's Swastik in the Sky of Inner Wheel.....

In my vision, our District Executive Committee members are like Saptarshi Mandal.

As in Hindu mythology, it is believed that the 7 Saints (Rishis) of Saptarshi Mandal always do prayer, meditation and care for the betterment of earth and mankind. Similarly, our District EC along with the Dhrub Tara in centre (DC) and galaxy of stars (PDCs) work for the betterment of the District and take it to greater heights. If we observe minutely, we can see in different seasons, the Saptarshi Mandal changes its position while rotating around Dhrub Tara. In that process, if we connect the Dots, we will find a swastika mark as shown in the picture.

So my fellow ECs along with me and galaxy of stars (PDCs) are taking pledge to work with unison like Saptarshi Mandal and take our District to greater heights in the sky of Inner Wheel.

Ina Purohit
District Chairman
IWD 326

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