District Chairman Inner Wheel District 326

HELLO... My Dear Friends!

A strong woman stands for herself. A stronger woman stands for everybody. With these words and with utmost sanctity, it is a privilege and honour to represent beautiful souls and vibrant clubs of District 326 as 38th District Chairman. The District consisting of states having rich history of culture, heritage, diversity and uniqueness. I would like to thank those members who have encouraged me and led me to take this path. Congratulations are also in order for my committee who would be serving with me. I am certain that we will be able to work together to achieve this year's theme i.e. Work Wonders.

Friends, the IW year 2022-23 is a year of new normal full of challenges, action, activities and experience to showcase/exhibit by transforming leadership skills and abilities into action and performance in making a better world. I remember a beautiful quote "Believe in yourself, you can do wonders". I unquote. Friends, if we believe in the power and abilities we have, we can do wonders. Yes, this year our International Inner Wheel President ZENAIDA Y. FARCON has coined her thoughts in to a beautiful theme Work Wonders. A very apt theme as the World is slowly limping back to new Normal from the dark hell of COVID pandemic, death, despair and desperation of families. It is right time to act and reach out to the people in despair, dejected by sharing our love, compassion, service, acts and deeds and bring joy, happiness and smile on the faces of women, children and families at large. It works wonders. I do sincerely hope that all members will be active in their Clubs this year but most of all, not forgetting to enjoy the friendship and fellowship that Inner Wheel brings. In each of our own way, let us have a vision of how we want to be part of Inner Wheel and make a difference in our communities. Let us have fun as we strengthen our Clubs, give service and work together, to make that difference.

This year goal set by our Association President Dr. Surjit Kaur is worded in two beautiful words 'We Care'. The goal is very simple, adaptable and achievable. Our major focus will be on the aspects of WE CARE. The vision of our District is say HELLO to the society... Help Enrich and Lift Lives of Others... If you don't save the daughters from where will you get brides (Stop this Crime) and bring awareness in the society to Save Girl Child. Give a gift of Life... Motivate & take part in Awareness on Organ Donation. Extend a Helping Hand to a Transgender - people who struggle to find accommodation & Job. Focus on Women's Health & Hygiene, Branding of Inner Wheel. Old is Gold - care for Senior Citizens. "Make Vocal for Local"... Provide Legal help to needy people. We need to focus on these goals for a Better World.

5th South Asia Rally 2022-23 will be hosted by Bangladesh (D322) on 26-27 August 2022. Join me in large numbers to discover the passion and motivation to serve and meet fellow members of diverse cultures and traditions in oneness. Zealously Start Working from Today...Now.... Say HELLO to Society!!!

Thank you.
T. Chiranjeevi
District Chairman 2022-23

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